The Mom Test

Book Summary

By Rob Fitzpatrick

10 min


The start of something beautiful is often tedious and exhausting. But if you have a brilliant idea, don’t let the compliments distract you from reality. Talk to the right people, understand what they need, and then self-evaluate whether your idea is worth pursuing. When you establish trust with this specific group of people by staying casual and sincere, they will open up and be brutally honest.

About the Author

Rob Fitzpatrick is an experienced entrepreneur who has been running several businesses for more than a decade. He used to be passionate about scaling up businesses but now, he’s more motivated by a career that offers him freedom and reliability. For him, entrepreneurship has been a lifelong career.

During his 14 years of running a business, Rob has written books on education design, kick-started a card game, and helped a small agency thrive. He’s best known for the Mom Test and how to help businesses become more customer-oriented.
book summary - The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick

The Mom Test

Book Summary

10 min
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