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Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary

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Book Summary - Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Key Insights

What do rich parents teach their children that the poor don’t? Robert Kiyosaki uncovers this difference through a series of parables based on his own boyhood. The unnamed main character’s father, known as Poor Dad, teaches him little about money. But when he lands a summer job at a small restaurant owned by a friend’s father, he gains another father figure in his boss, known as Rich Dad. Rich Dad teaches the boys about the value of financial smarts. Through these lessons, the boy learns about the ways rich people pass on their wisdom and set their children up for financial success.

The school system doesn’t teach us how to build wealth so financial success starts with self-education.

Many parents trust the school system to teach their children financial literacy. In reality, schools primarily teach children traditional middle-class values: stay in school,...

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Learn to make your money work for you, in the form of assets. In order to get rich, be willing to take risks, invest in assets, understand accounting, learn market trends, know the law and don’t forget to teach others along the way.

About the Author

In 1974, Kiyosaki’s career and life were transformed after attending an Erhard Seminars Training session. He then went on to found the Rich Global LLC and Rich Dad Company, the latter of which provides personal financial education through literature and multimedia products. Aside from Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki has written over 25 books. Rich Dad Poor Dad has sold over 27 million copies internationally. Kiyosaki has founded several business ventures, including a retail clothing company and a velcro wallet company, both of which have since gone bankrupt.

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