How To Start a Creative Side Hustle

12 lessons
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Is a creative side hustle right for you? In this course Malcolm Dewey will explain why a side hustle is so important today. Especially for creatives looking to grow their talent into a profitable business. You will learn how to identify your perfect side hustle. Then how to grow your side hustle business in a way that is perfect for your circumstances. How to market your new venture, what to avoid and how to deal with common stumbling blocks along the way. This step-by-step approach to planning, starting and growing your side hustle is based on Malcolm's own experience as a creative entrepreneur. Practical and timely inspiration for all creatives.

Created by Malcolm Dewey

How To Start a Creative Side Hustle

12 lessons
4.90 (100 reviews)
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About the author

Malcolm Dewey is an entrepreneur and professional artist painting in a number of mediums. He sells his work internationally and runs his own successful gallery in South Africa. He is also the publisher of several books including The Art of Content Marketing which was written to help creatives market their work. Malcolm has been teaching artists how to improve their work and market their art businesses effectively for the past ten years. His art gallery is online at