Remote Work

34 lessons
4.24 (329 reviews)

In this course, Greg and Mary Daphne draw from their research in the fields of behavioral psychology, interactional linguistics, and work-life management, to identify some of the most significant challenges of working remotely. They offer strategies for addressing these remote work challenges through a careful selection of powerful communication frameworks and productivity techniques.

Created by Gregory Root and Mary Daphne

Remote Work

34 lessons
4.24 (329 reviews)
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1.1 Intro
1.2 More than just WFH
1.3 Greg intro
1.4 Mary Intro
1.5 Explearning
1.6 Game Plan
1.7 Motivations
1.8 Fundamentals
2.1 Intro to Communication
2.2 Why Overcommunicate
2.3 Don't Innundate
2.4 Establish Protocol
2.5 Project Management
2.6 Communication Channels
2.7 Systemize
2.8 Human Connectivity
2.9 Video Call Ready
3.1 Productivity
3.2 Time Management
3.3 Pomodoro Technique
3.4 Time blocking
3.5 Time Management Wrap Up
3.6 Create Space For Work
3.7 Establishing a Routine
3.8 Managing to dos
3.9 Start With What You Least Want
3.10 Work Life Boundaries
3.11 Clarify Availability
3.12 Make Time For What Matters
3.13 Signs to Brain
4.1 Conclusion
4.2 Develop Systems
4.3 Grace Under Pressure
4.4 Closing Thoughts

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About the author

Mary Daphne is CEO and Co-Founder of Explearning, a platform for developing personal and professional social skills. With an Ed.M in Applied Linguistics from Columbia University, Mary Daphne has over a decade of experience working in cross-cultural corporate communications as well as television and live to broadcast. She loves exploring the intersection of language, culture, and social interaction.

Greg is COO and Co-Founder of Explearning. With an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and proficiency in full-stack software development, Greg specializes in bridging technical and business needs, implementing cross-department initiatives that streamline business operations, drive sales, and position fledgling enterprises for rapid, sustained growth. Prior to Explearning, Greg was COO of a New York tech startup, which was acquired in 2018.