How to Set and Achieve Massive Goals

12 lessons
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The MASSIVE Goal Principle...

This course blows the myth out of the water that we should be setting "realistic & achievable" goals...

The presenter has conducted 200+ research interviews with top achievers which proved that successful people do NOT set "smart" goals.

This is a research-based goal setting model wrapped around the private thoughts, behaviours, and secret proven systems of top achievers.

This course gives you the skills and confidence to set and go about achieving your MASSIVE goal.

- Achieve more both day to day AND on your massive goal.
- Know how to get a coach or mentor at the very highest level.
- Plan your goals the way top achievers do.
- Overcome the "give in" moments.
- Know how to set up and run a "mastermind" peer group for success.
- Think and behave like a top achiever.

The course is for those with a goal to achieve or a BIG SCARY project that needs achieving and it shares with you how you will be able to think and behave like the "super successful" do when setting their goals. Proven in both the business world and education sector and in addition many have achieved amazing personal goals using this process. It is "NOT" for those who are okay with playing safe all the time and moan about not achieving things.

The actual process and structure of how to set MASSIVE goals are given to you along with the most popular actions and processes used by top achievers when setting goals and working towards their "massive goals".

Packed with true examples of those who have used the process to achieve BIG and some of the top achievers David interviewed for the process research.

- How to plan your goal and find out what "you do not know".
- Why your purpose is CRITICAL to your success.
- Confidence in getting the right support network around you.
- Certainty around overcoming procrastination, and maintaining your motivation levels to win big!
- Know why "fun" is critical to your goals.
- How to get a top achiever to "mentor" you.
10'000-50'000 people every year experience David Hyner presenting this live and many have taken action to achieve their goals including sporting champions, exam-busting superstars, and business gurus.

- D grade to A* 100% in four months!
- Over a dozen Amazon no1 books credit this process.
- World, European, and National sporting champions.
Some great resources... on their own worth the course fee include a supporting ebook explaining how to use the process, and templates of the process for you to play with.

Structured in 12 short, punchy, and light-hearted videos (5-13 minutes each) delivered by the lead researcher David Hyner who is an award-winning professional speaker himself after using this process. In addition, he used the process himself to have no1 books on Amazon and Kindle, raise over half a MILLION (GBP) pounds for charity, and much more besides.

Will you set yourself a MASSIVE GOAL ?

Created by David Hyner

How to Set and Achieve Massive Goals

12 lessons
4.80 (230 reviews)
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I do not have a goal, what do I do
Setting the goal
Key principles
How to take action
Never give in

About the author

David is a unique motivational speaker and facilitator on goal-setting and purpose. He brings a sense of humour and authenticity to a subject he has been researching over the last 23 years.

He’s carried out 250+ interviews with top achievers and takes inspiration from this research to see how this learning, behaviour, and wisdom can be applied to get better results for people and for businesses.

Amongst the many golden nuggets and gems of thoughts and behaviours that make people successful, he discovered "how" they set and achieve MASSIVE GOALS. David writes speaks and broadcasts his research findings. Having authored (and co-authored or guest authored in) many bestselling books, audios, and videos on subjects ranging from business leadership through to teacher training, goal setting, stress prevention... and more,

A FUN, challenging, and inter-active delivery with a bullish nature with a huge sprinkling of his infectious humour that engages, educates, and entertains his audiences the world over. David has presented to over 1 MILLION people (and counting) during his illustrated speaking years.

Other accomplishments include:
Former BBC Radio show host.
Multiple Amazon subject no1 Author.
Raised in excess of 3/4 MILLION pounds, breaking 4 charity fundraising records in the process.
Creator of 5 video training courses, one of which was in the top 100 most downloaded courses online.
Founding Director of a publishing business with over 100 Kindle books on Amazon.
10yr service award – VISTAGE International (chief exec network).
FLPI – Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute.
FPSA – Fellow of the professional speaking association.
PSAE – Professional Speaking Award of Excellence.