Complete Job Interview Preparation

8 lessons
4.90 (120 reviews)

After preparing hundreds of professionals to get into top firms, we discovered
something: you only have to prepare for 20 questions to anticipate up to 80% of the job interview conversation. The main challenge is to recognize the question type.

In this course, we will cover:
• Style and attitude
• How to structure your answers
• The 4 job interview question types
• The 20 questions to prepare

After completing all 8 lessons, you should be able to enter a job interview feeling very confident about your chances.

Created by Felix Peeters

Complete Job Interview Preparation

8 lessons
4.90 (120 reviews)
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Style and Attitudde
Structuring your answers
The 4 Categories of Questions
Fundamental Questions
Skill-based Questions
Behavior Questions
Cognitive Reasoning Questions

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About the author

Felix Peeters graduated in International Management at the HEC Management School in Paris. During an exchange at the London School of Economics, he launched a small company to help young professionals land jobs at top-tier global firms. Today, Felix works as a Marketing Manager in London for one of the largest tech companies. His online courses on career development have helped over 5000 professionals with job interview preparation, resume optimization, and cover letter writing.