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Bouncing Back From Failure

Jordan Thibodeau and Joe Ternasky

This course will teach you how to overcome any failure in life by harnessing the lessons concealed within. You will learn a number of techniques designed to help you reconcile with the personal and professional failures you have endured in order to turbo-charge your own personal development, career success, earning potential, and relationship happiness. Most of us don’t recognize the critical actions we must take to analyze our failures and pluck the pearls of wisdom from them. This course will teach you what you need to know in order to react, think, and learn from any failure so you never waste a failure again!

By the end of this course, you will possess a robust new set of skills that will help you bounce back from any failure and reach your full potential, unencumbered by the insurmountable regret, shame, fear, or hopelessness that failure can bring.

Testimonials from Students

“One of the best courses about life issues that I have ever taken.”

“This was a great course. I’ve learned so much about how to deal with failure and myself. I definitely liked the count to 30 rules. I use this rule all the time now whenever I become frustrated with something or someone. Thanks!”

“This course helped me identify ways to better deal with failure. I now have thoughtful steps that I can use to reduce my emotional time to bounce back with more knowledge and thoughtful experience to change my next steps. Additionally, this course helped me review difficult experiences, deal with the emotional baggage of it, and let that part go. It has also helped me see situations from another perspective. ”

11 lessons
1h 13min
5.00 (3955 reviews)

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Russell Clayton

Maintaining a good work life balance is integral for your well being. Learn strategies that will help you maintain a better work life balance. Learn how to live a less stress free life.

7 lessons
4.16 (883 reviews)

Everyday Philosophy: The Art of Creativity

Dr. Will Buckingham

Everybody is creative. So how can we cultivate our creativity and live richer, more creative lives? In this course, philosopher Dr. Will Buckingham explores what creativity is, and how we can nurture our own creativity. Everyday philosophy: The Art of Creativity draws on insights from philosophers both East and West, to deepen your understanding of creativity. And it gives you practical strategies for bringing more creativity into your life, your work and your play. Whatever you want to create — a new work of art, a new business, a new social movement, a new world — this course will help you understand how to make this happen.

8 lessons
1h 15min
4.89 (225 reviews)