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Paul Sloane

Why do smart people make stupid decisions? Because we all suffer from cognitive biases – flaws that make our thinking irrational and inaccurate. This course helps you spot and overcome common faults. It will help you to think more clearly and accurately. It also has some bonus thinking tips and persuasion secrets.

8 lessons
4.71 (448 reviews)
Dr Paul Harrison

Is fear or anxiety affecting your day to day life?

Are you prone to anxiety, panic, or suffering from PTSD?

Have you been putting off an important decision and telling yourself it's about timing when it's really about fear?

In this course, we'll look at breaking down fear into its different components to better overcome it. You'll learn how limiting beliefs get formed and how to undo them. You'll develop an arsenal of proven techniques from NLP, CBT, and Navy Seal training to interrupt the panic cycle, undo phobias, and even years of avoidant behaviour, all with clear simple steps.

Then you'll learn how to use goals to encourage and inspire you to take positive actions to conquer your fears.

Turn your back on fear and live the life you've always wanted!

10 lessons
1h 15min
4.25 (175 reviews)