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Dr. Will Buckingham

We all want to be happy. But what does happiness mean? And how can we bring more happiness into our lives? Today, happiness is on the agenda like never before. Not just individuals, but also business and governments are concerned with what happiness and how it can be increased. In this course, Dr. Will Buckingham explores the rich philosophical traditions of the world, to ask what some of history’s greatest minds have said about happiness. Everyday Philosophy: The Art of Happiness draws on insights from philosophers both East and West to think more deeply about what happiness is and why it matters. This is a practical course, so you won’t just be thinking about happiness. You will also be engaging in practical exercises that put the ideas to work, and that help you explore the many ways in which philosophers have suggested we change our lives, our minds and our relationships, to bring about greater happiness. The audio course is supported by a full-colour course handbook in PDF, that will guide you through every step of the way, and point you to further resources you can explore.

8 lessons
1h 7min
4.94 (570 reviews)