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Jordan Thibodeau and Joe Ternasky

We live in a time of unlimited opportunity, yet many of us still struggle to achieve our goals. This class will help you identify why you have struggled to achieve your goals in the past and provide you with the tools you need to accomplish your goals in the future.

Once you’ve mastered the skills taught in this class, you will be able to accomplish even your biggest goals: learning a brand new skill, meeting all your deadlines, launching a new project, or achieving your dreams. In the simplest terms, you will learn how to set goals that are meaningful to you and then take the steps necessary to achieve them.

Testimonials from Students

“I loved the bite-sized yet impactful lessons from this course. The course helped me understand how important it is to dissect all stages of a goal into smaller segments which allow you to focus, manage and always feel like you are on top of things:)”

“Well laid out treatment of the process of picking a singular goal and learning to see it through to the end, on a daily level. I enjoyed the use of Ulysses and Heaven or Hell statements to describe the process, and the term Goal Creep.”

“Great course! It was well summarized and I got a lot of value from the excerpts and exercises.”

10 lessons
1h 7min
4.58 (2098 reviews)
Jordan Thibodeau and Joe Ternasky

The goal of this course is to teach you the tools you need and the pitfalls to avoid when you make the decision to take your career out of the office and into your home.

Since COVID-19 many employees have been forced to work from home. This has been a stressful experience and has led to burnout for many employees. This course will teach you how to go from surviving while working from home to thriving while working from home. You will learn how to organize yourself and your environment to facilitate your best work. We will also provide guidance on how to avoid common complaints of the self-employed or a home-stationed workforce, suggest life hacks to help things flow, and give great resources from others who have successfully navigated this change. You’ll learn about protecting yourself, your job, your family time, and your sanity. Also, this course will teach you how to set up the proper boundaries so your work life doesn’t destroy your home life. Most of all, this course is designed to ensure that you step around the most perilous trap of all when it comes to working from home: it’s not that you never have to go to work; it’s that you never actually get to leave!

9 lessons
1h 9min
4.89 (1023 reviews)
Jordan Thibodeau and Joe Ternasky

Many people instinctively know how to be managed, but few people possess the skills needed to take an active part in their relationship with their manager. By learning how to properly manage your manager, you will provide yourself with opportunities to expand your impact within your organization and put yourself in a position to advance your career.

This course will help you learn the skills you need to find success and satisfaction within your workplace by developing an effective relationship with your direct manager and key partners. Some fundamental concepts we will cover in this class include how to discover and meet your manager’s expectations, how to identify the hidden influencers in your organization, how to calibrate your goals to the needs of your manager, and more.

Testimonials from Students

“This course did a great job helping me maintain awareness of the importance of managing my relationship with my manager. This is a helpful course that made the task less overwhelming.”

“The course has practical steps that help you empathize with your manager and allows you to leverage that understanding.”

“A lot of useful tips on how to be a better employee, and understand your manager as an employee and team member, as well as the network that is part of. I particularly liked the tips on types of managers and learning their style, and relate to being the manager.”

9 lessons
4.57 (1005 reviews)
Gregory Root and Mary Daphne

In this course, Greg and Mary Daphne draw from their combined experience driving team consensus and navigating highlight selective recruiting processes, to provide a comprehensive guide to standing out in group interviews. It’s packed with unique insights and advanced strategies to equip you with the skills you need to make a great impression on the hiring manager.

20 lessons
4.98 (865 reviews)
Paul Sloane

Is your thinking stuck in a rut? Do you need a burst of creative ideas? Lateral thinking bypasses the roadblocks which impede our normal thinking. It is an essential skill for anyone who wants to be a smarter problem-solver, an ideas person, and a creative thinker. This enjoyable and stimulating course covers all the key elements of lateral thinking and shows you step by step how you can harness its key techniques to boost your brain power and creativity. It contains many inspiring stories and examples as well as tips, tricks, and methods to improve your mental agility. You will come up with better ideas at work and in other walks of life. Lateral thinking skills will help advance your career. And you will be a more interesting person – because you will think differently.

10 lessons
4.65 (927 reviews)
Gregory Root and Mary Daphne

In this course, Greg and Mary Daphne draw from their combined experience managing distributed workforces in web-based collaborative environments, to provide a comprehensive guide to online teamwork and managing remote teams. They break down the complexities of remote collaboration into compact, bite-sized modules, providing you with the key ingredients you need to foster tightly-knit, high-performing teams.

19 lessons
4.87 (858 reviews)
Felix Peeters

If you are applying for a job or a competitive school, you want to have a good resume or CV. There is a lot of information online and you may get confused. Should you add a professional picture? Can your resume be longer than 1 page? Should you mention your address? And most importantly: how can you make sure your resume stands out? In this audio course, we help you build a winning resume or CV step by step. And all you have to do is listen. We’ve based this course on the best practices of writing hundreds of resumes and CVs for your professionals who got into top-tier companies and schools.

Throughout this course we’ll cover:
• The right resume type for your goal.
• Resume dos and don’ts.
• Bullet points, keywords and numbers.
• Education & work experience.
• Core competencies & skills.
• Resume versus robot.
• How to stand out and get the interview?

8 lessons
4.80 (300 reviews)
Gregory Root and Mary Daphne

In this course, Greg and Mary Daphne draw from their research in the fields of behavioral psychology, interactional linguistics, and work-life management, to identify some of the most significant challenges of working remotely. They offer strategies for addressing these remote work challenges through a careful selection of powerful communication frameworks and productivity techniques.

34 lessons
4.24 (329 reviews)
David Hyner

In this course, you are given the 4 keys to creating a great first impression.

- How to give and hold eye contact and why it is CRITICAL.
- Why the smile is the quickest way to get rapport.
- How in certain countries the handshake is key and how to deliver a great handshake to avoid losing rapport.
- What to say next and how to introduce yourself to make a great first impression at interviews and events.

This course gives you the basic skills and confidence to make a great first impression every time. As you gain the confidence you will read other people's body language with ease to enable you to communicate more effectively with almost anybody, anywhere, anytime.

In addition to this, I have also added a bonus section showing how to communicate just as effectively online and also on special occasions.

In over 15 years of professional speaking, I have interviewed over 200 top achievers from all walks of life. Sports stars, Industry gurus, politicians, even powerboat racers have shared their secrets of goal setting and communication skills with me.

This course is a bite-sized introduction, to the world of professional speaking and performance communication.

5 lessons
4.50 (200 reviews)
Gregory Root and Mary Daphne

This course draws from Greg and Mary Daphne’s combined experience navigating highly selective recruiting processes, on both sides of the table. It’s packed with original insights and powerful, actionable interview strategies to equip you for success. They get deep into the head of the interviewer to understand what they are looking for in ideal candidates

29 lessons
4.99 (137 reviews)
Jonathan Robinson

Spend less time studying, beat Alzheimer's and dementia, and become that person who seems to remember everything. This fun course will give you simple, scientifically proven techniques to remember more of what you read and hear, so you can spend less time studying and looking for lost items, let go of stress, become alert instantly, read more effectively and efficiently, and enjoy better physical and mental health.

13 lessons
4.73 (127 reviews)
Felix Peeters

After preparing hundreds of professionals to get into top firms, we discovered
something: you only have to prepare for 20 questions to anticipate up to 80% of the job interview conversation. The main challenge is to recognize the question type.

In this course, we will cover:
• Style and attitude
• How to structure your answers
• The 4 job interview question types
• The 20 questions to prepare

After completing all 8 lessons, you should be able to enter a job interview feeling very confident about your chances.

8 lessons
4.90 (120 reviews)
Andy Edwards

Thinking of changing your job? Apparently more than half of us intend to in the next 12 months! Perhaps you’re new to the job market, or returning to it after a break, or perhaps you are thinking of going for that internal promotion?

The best jobs are the ones that more people go for – you have potentially more competition. How you stand out from the crowd will be your challenge.

So, I designed this course for people like you… steeped in the psychology of persuasion, these techniques will make your interviewer remember you and put you on the top of the pile – ready for the offer of your DREAM JOB.

On the rare occasion a candidate has done what I am about to reveal, ALL of them were considered for the next stage of the recruitment process - and four out of five of them became the successful applicant.

THEY got their dream job… now it’s YOUR turn!

12 lessons
5.00 (60 reviews)