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Work Together Anywhere book summary

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Book Summary - Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely – Successfully – for Individuals, Teams & Managers by Lisette Sutherland and Kirsten Janene-Nelson Wiley

Key Insights

Though the remote workforce has been growing in the last few years, the coronavirus pandemic has created an urgent need for remote work solutions - and fast! This book explores the benefits and challenges of a remote workforce, the tools you need to work efficiently from a remote office, and an overview of how remote work is a pivotal part of our changing world. Sutherland and Wiley also discuss the personal benefits that can come from remote work. The book offers an overview for not just managers but all remote employees on how to best adapt to a remote working world.

Remote work is rapidly becoming more common, and offering remote work options can benefit employers.

Between 1995 and 2015, the remote workforce has grown considerably,...

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Work Together Anywhere focuses on the benefits of having a remote team, and strategies to overcome challenges like the communication barrier, issues of trust, and fears around productivity. It also offers suggestions for tools to explore to benefit your team. Though focused in large part on management strategies, the book is valuable for all remote employees. It offers practical solutions to common problems, like how to celebrate success with a remote team, how to communicate effectively in different time zones, and how to make meetings efficient and effective for all team members.

About the Author

Lisette Sutherland is the director of Collaboration Superpowers. She co-founded Virtual Team Talk, a community of more than 500 virtual team managers and enthusiasts.

Kristen Janene-Nelson Wiley is a freelance editor and consultant. She has worked for more than 25 years in book publishing. 

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