Warren Buffet’s Ground Rules

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By Jeremy Miller

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Warren Buffet based his investment strategy on Benjamin Graham’s concept of “deep-value investing”, or only investing in companies that he knew to be intrinsically valuable. In the long-run this strategy paid off, as he consistently worked to choose companies that would beat the DOW and grow in value over time. Even if these companies failed, he wouldn’t lose money since they were just as valuable at liquidation. He started take large stakes in companies and helping them move past inefficiencies. In the end, he stuck by his values and didn’t start speculating when it became popular, ending his run at the investment firm with millions to his name. 

About the Author

Jeremy Miller is a brand strategist and bestselling author. He and his team Sticky Branding have profiled hundreds of companies to find out how they grow “sticky brands”. That is, brands that are memorable, recognizable, and sustainable. He is a popular keynote speaker and his books Sticky Branding, Brand New Name, and Warren Buffet’s Ground Rules were all best sellers.
book summary - Warren Buffet’s Ground Rules by Jeremy Miller

Warren Buffet’s Ground Rules

Book Summary

10 min
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