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Joe Biden book summary

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Book Summary - Success Story - Joe Biden 

Joe Biden is a man of many accolades: long-running state senator, former vice president to Barack Obama, and 2020 presidential candidate and Democratic nominee. From the outside, his story is similar to most career politicians. 

But there are hidden intricacies in Joe’s biography. For instance, the little-known fact that he nearly quit politics only weeks after winning his first election in 1972. 

The Early Years 

Biden was born into an Irish-Catholic family in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1942. His father had been a wealthy man at one point, but by the time Biden was born he was suffering financially. For the early years of Biden’s life, the entire family lived with his maternal grandparents to save money. 

In the 1950s, formerly prosperous Scranton was a place with few prospects and little to no opportunity for employment. Joe Biden Sr. couldn’t find regular work, so the family moved into...

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