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Jack Dorsey book summary

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Book Summary - Success Stories – Jack Dorsey

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has been the platform of choice for political uprisings and media scandals alike. It's a favorite outlet for President Donald Trump and the birthplace of hashtag culture. But in the mind of Jack Dorsey, self-made billionaire and founder of two world-changing startups, Twitter began with a pipe dream, a taxi service, and an impulsive cross-country move to Silicon Valley.

The Power of Instant Messaging

Jack Dorsey, now 43, is a man of humble beginnings. He was born to a homemaker and businessman in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended Catholic High School and made pocket money as an occasional vintage fashion model. He had no idea that his teenage obsession with taxicab dispatch software would change the world forever.

Dorsey's first project was developing open-source software for taxi dispatch services. He was still in high school when a taxi company...

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