Make Time

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By Jake Knapp

10 min
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Wouldn’t it be great if you had some extra time every day? With John Knapp’s Make Time, you can learn how to master your schedule and be more productive with the time you DO have. Read on to learn his most useful tips, including how to work with your brains hardwiring to increase energy, tips for preventing caffeine slumps, and how to resist the lure of time-wasting applications like Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

About the Author

Jake Knapp is the inventor of the Design Sprint and is a New York Times best selling author. He worked for Google and Google Ventures for 10 years, where he created the Design Sprint process. He is the author of Sprint and Make Time. He coaches various teams on design strategy and time management. He also worked on Gmail, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Encarta.
book summary - Make Time by Jake Knapp

Make Time

Book Summary

10 min
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