Free to Focus

Book Summary

By Michael Hyatt

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We live in a world full of distractions. Paring down and focusing on what’s important is an essential yet rare skill in today’s businesses, as well as our personal lives. While the constant enticement of social media and disruption of technology, from emails to cell phones, can prevent us from being productive, even ordinary business work can fall into the category of distraction and perpetual busyness. In Free to Focus, Michael Hyatt provides new perspectives. He puts emphasis on not-to-do-lists and teaches that good business leadership includes delegating and automating as much as possible. This ensures there is ample time for leaders to focus on their passions and proficiencies because this is where he or she will substantially outpace their previous limitations. A productivity system is explained beginning with the three simple steps of stop, cut, and act.

About the Author

Michael Hyatt founded the Michael Hyatt & Company leadership firm based in Tennessee. Ranked by Inc. as one of Nashville’s top businesses in 2018, Hyatt has used his success to also become a popular blogger and podcaster with the title, “Lead to Win.”
book summary - Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

Free to Focus

Book Summary

10 min
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