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Fear book summary

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Book Summary - Fear by Bob Woodward

Who should read this

  • Those who want a look inside the walls of the White House.
  • Those looking for insight into Trump’s daily life, behavior, and the reasons behind some of his decisions.
  • Those interested in the history of the Trump administration.
  • What you will learn

  • What difficulties Trump’s staffers and advisors face.
  • Assessments of Trump’s understanding of political issues like globalism, the economy, and white supremacy.
  • Why Trump is so popular with certain demographics.
  • Key Insights

    In this book, journalist Bob Woodward, famed for his coverage of the Watergate scandal in the 70s, turns his investigations towards the Trump administration. Drawing on hours of witness interviews with insiders, he gives an even-handed account of the dynamics inside the White House, particularly how Trump’s infamous temperament has played out in practice, creating a chaotic and ill-prepared White House. Ultimately, he paints a frightening picture of Trump’s volatility and ignorance and the mounting anxieties...

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    Donald Trump, an inexperienced political leader, created a chaotic and tense White House from his first day in office. The cabinet fought about economic and foreign policy issues, with Trump refusing to listen to the experts he hired. Many of the advisors appointed to his office resigned within a couple of years, citing Trump’s refusal to listen to any advice and his erratic and stubborn behavior. This petulance, however, is a part of his appeal. He told his supporters what they wanted to hear, particularly by bullying the opposition, often in improvised lies. 

    About the Author

    Bob Woodward is an American investigative journalist. He started working for the Washington Post in 1971 and is currently Associate Editor. In 1972, he did much of the original reporting on the Watergate scandal which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. Since then, he has written 19 books on American politics and presidents. 

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