Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Book Summary

By Anthony Mersino

10 min


Emotional intelligence is an essential tool for project managers to lead project teams effectively in agile projects.

Be self-aware about your emotions and learn to control them. Use your understanding of emotion to become socially and organizationally aware. Take this understanding to manage your team more effectively. Emotional intelligence about yourself, your team, and other stakeholders will allow you to be an inspirational and resonant leader.

About the Author

Anthony Mersino is the founder of Vitality Chicago. His firm focuses on agile training for teams and has developed expertise in team dynamics and the challenges organizations face. 

They offer standard courses through a partnership with Northwestern University and personalized coaching for organizations looking to improve. Mersino focuses on the value of transparency and a positive organizational culture. He believes that addressing organizational challenges first will pay off in productivity.

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers is his first book. He has since also written a book on managing agile projects. Mersino is also versed in scrum and lean principles for projects and performance improvement.
book summary - Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers by Anthony Mersino

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Book Summary

10 min
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