How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Posted on 5/18/2020, 9:51:11 PM

Workplaces have changed dramatically. One of the biggest changes has been an increase in Zoom meetings. Using Zoom to video conference has been a great solution for people who are working from home, but Zoom meetings still present a few challenges, namely, “Zoom Fatigue”, after using the application. If you’ve...

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Android Users! We’ve got some big news for you!

Posted on 5/15/2020, 11:52:14 PM

The SumizeIt App is now available on Android!

It's the good news you’ve been waiting on: For the first time ever, our App is available to Android users! Download it today for access to the book summaries you love, plus LOTS of sweet perks. Like…

•Our search by category option: Got a...

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What Not to Do When Trying to Motivate Your Team

Posted on 5/12/2020, 5:24:36 PM

Are you struggling to keep your team motivated during these unusual times? It could be that you are committing one of these DON'Ts. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what not to do when it comes to motivating your team:

Don't: Make it all about you

Being in charge...

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Productivity Just Got Easier With These Simple Tips

Posted on 4/5/2020, 7:45:22 PM

The modern-day world is full of distractions that diminish an individual’s productivity level. Whether you have the luxury of an at-home office or commute to work every day, distractions are present destroying your potential and growth. A study conducted by CareerBuilder, a site that aids in job search and career...

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Easy Tips to Market Your Brand

Posted on 3/30/2020, 8:36:47 PM

marketing and sales

Starting on a business venture may seem intimidating, at first. There is a great deal of work that goes into creating a brand. But, one of the most important aspects to focus on is marketing. Because, essentially, if you...

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Eliminate Fears and Take Risks To Reach Success

Posted on 3/23/2020, 2:48:17 PM

When we were curious children, we were encouraged to take healthy risks in order to grow, learn, and crush fears. Now observations and studies on success prove, that adults should practice risk-taking, just the same. To quote the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg, “In a world that’s changing really quickly,...

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Affordable Entrepreneurship: How to Build A Successful Start-up Without Going Broke

Posted on 3/15/2020, 9:57:56 PM

No matter how innovative and amazing your idea is, you may be timid to launch your startup because of the financial horror stories you’ve heard from entrepreneurs. Startups can be unpredictable and they can quickly drain your bank account. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place so...

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Bill Gate’s Reading Habits Are His Key To Success

Posted on 3/8/2020, 5:12:14 PM

We all want to know how the leaders of the world reach success. Hearing success stories are not only inspirational to us, but they are also very telling. They allow us to understand success and cash in on the insider tips that helped guide our mentors to the top. And...

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How Women Can Get What They Want in a Negotiation

Posted on 2/22/2020, 7:21:01 PM

woman negotiation, sumizeit, book summaries

Negotiation is difficult for everyone. It’s a challenging but necessary skill that not everyone has mastered, even highly-trained business professionals. For women, negotiation can be even more intimidating. 

Many women have been socialized not to be aggressive or...

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How To Take Your Side Hustle To the Next Level

Posted on 2/19/2020, 5:32:43 AM

Being an entrepreneur and having a side hustle

Today it seems like everyone has a side hustle. Whether it’s deejaying at the club on the weekends, writing the next bestseller, or teaching yoga, side hustles...

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