How To Take Your Side Hustle To the Next Level

Posted on 2/19/2020, 5:32:43 AM

Being an entrepreneur and having a side hustle

Today it seems like everyone has a side hustle. Whether it’s deejaying at the club on the weekends, writing the next bestseller, or teaching yoga, side hustles...

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Science Proves Women Work More Than Their Share -- Here’s How Men Can Step It Up

Posted on 2/18/2020, 6:12:34 AM


In our modern-day world, it is not uncommon for both the man and the woman of the house to have their own separate careers. This is a big change from the traditional thinking that suggests that the man should be the bread-winner. And though...

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Here’s How Podcasting Can Make You Money

Posted on 2/18/2020, 6:10:16 AM

The world of podcasting can be difficult to navigate, at first. But, the power behind this new trending bridge of communication to audiences everywhere is undeniable. The most recent national tally of podcast listeners totaled 144 million, with a whopping 20 million listener increase from 2018. That’s a lot...

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Self-Care Isn't Selfish, Here Are The Books To Help You Realize That

Posted on 2/13/2020, 9:26:33 PM

Self care

In our modern-day world, self-care has become a necessity. We have been forced into a fast-paced culture of workaholics, in which we must keep up! We are constantly filled to the brim with the stresses of work, family, responsibilities, and personal...

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Productive Picks To Motivate You

Posted on 2/11/2020, 9:42:41 PM

Oof, now that the holidays are over and we are officially in the midst of winter, it’s only natural that we’re feeling a little sluggish. And, this sluggish feeling tends to leave us feeling drained and unable to put energy into our work, families, and passion projects....

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Sumizeit Weekly - Book Recommendations

Posted on 2/5/2020, 7:07:07 PM

By nature, humans are nosy creatures. We always want to know the scoop on an individual’s drama, success, and personal lives. We can’t help that we are curious!

And that’s why we are a huge fan of memoirs, autobiographies, and biographies here at Sumizeit. It’s always interesting to hear stories of...

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Free book summary - Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers

Posted on 2/3/2020, 9:57:33 PM

Main Theme: Self-Made Success is a Myth

“Outliers” demonstrates extraordinary success results from a rare combination of opportunity, luck and legacy, not only ability and hard work. The outliers who have achieved great success tend to have started with a small advantage that accumulates over time.

Key Points

The Self-Made Man...

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Free Book Summary - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Posted on 2/3/2020, 9:16:38 PM

About the Author

Stephen Richards Covey (1932-2012) is mostly recognized for his highly influential book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey enrolled at the University of Utah for business administration at the age of 16. In both the U.K. and Ireland, he spent years serving as a...

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Best leadership books that we recommend

Posted on 1/29/2020, 10:34:10 PM

Looking to improve your leadership skills?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are some books that we recommend.

Dare to Lead

Here’s the preview: When we let ourselves be vulnerable and genuine we...

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Free Book Summary - The Facebook Effect

Posted on 1/4/2020, 7:12:53 AM

Facebook made a major impact on the world of social media. 

And, it’s not just a platform for people to communicate, it’s a business success story.

It has changed how we interact and share with people throughout the world. 

“Facebook also has a fundamental characteristic that has proven key to its appeal in...

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