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The key insights of bestselling nonfiction books summarized into compelling 10-minute reads.

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Do you have 10 minutes? Absorb the knowledge of the great authors and best sellers in the world.

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Introducing the Cliff Notes for real world knowledge. Take your career to the next level by learning about leadership, marketing, sales and more.

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Expand your horizons on a busy schedule: Our experts add new book summaries in text, audio, and video format each week on a wide range of topics.

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Get the key insights of the best nonfiction books summarized into compelling 10-minute reads.

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“Perfect for those who follow the 80/20 principle. I recommend you grab the 1 year sub.“

-Oliver, London, UK

“I love this app. You’re going to learn new skills. The summaries will also help you with your personal and professional growth. If you want to move forward in your career, school, or in your personal life, this is the perfect way to do so. Download the app. The self improvement book summaries will help you with your personal growth. The business and other book summaries will help you with your professional growth. The sky’s the limit.“

-Ela, Madrid, Spain

“I would recommend sumizeit for anyone who is willing to learn from top non fiction books. The amount of knowledge gained is totally worth it.“

Kevin, Colorado, United States

“Great app to get non-fiction book summaries. Reads are about 3 minutes. Key insights are well summarized. Even when you read the full book before, it is a nice reminder of the lessons learned. If you have not yet read the book, after sumizeit, you will be able to keep up with any discussion about the book.“

-Thomas, Philadelphia, PA

“One of the most useful apps I’ve used. The summaries are really good. They vary in topic from psychology to business. The app is easy to use. I feel like I’m learning a lot everyday. I like the video summaries. I also think the micro courses are very informative.“

-Erin, Miami, Florida
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